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Restore: to return to a former or normal state

Reclaim: to bring back, to make useable

Antique buildings provide a physical record of time, place and use. Whether the project calls for repairing or replacing antique materials, David Parker strives to preserve the historic integrity of wooden structures. When the severity of deterioration requires replacement, David consults with a client to preserve the distinct features of the historic design by matching color, texture and age. David Parker provides clients with personalized and specialized historic services. He is committed to restoring or building a structure to look like it has always been there, advising on authentic materials and overseeing projects to guide quality craftsmanship.   

In David’s 40 + years, of restoration work, he has worked on a great variety of construction projects: from the small scale (building a wood shed in keeping with the historic character of a client's home) to the large (a ten building homestead including a barn, houses, an indoor riding arena, horse sheds and miles of authentic stone walls). His experience in renovation and preservation is just as extensive. He provides consultation on replacing failing foundations and sagging floors, and dismantling, relocating, and assembling entire antique structures.

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