David D. Parker has been working on 18th-19th century wooden structures for more than 40 years. Early in his career, David became a registered Tree Farmer and for many years was a teamster driving horses in the woods of Vermont. David operated a band saw mill, built a solar dry kiln for drying lumber which he constructed in 1978, and belonged to the Timber Framers Guild of New England in the early seventies.  His passion for old barn frames inspired him to study English, Dutch and French frames and the history which brought these frames to the United States.    

David D. Parker, former owner of DDPSR, Inc. (David D. Parker Structural Restoration) has earned an excellent reputation by providing expertise, vision and guidance to meet the customer's needs.  He has extensive experience working on residential and commercial projects. He consults on one project at a time, devoting full focus and attention to the details and unique features of each job. David has worked on projects throughout the North East and has provided expert consultation to projects throughout the United States. He has worked closely with Historical Societies on various antique structures providing experience and expertise in support of clients' projects. David’s consulting clients include architects, realtors, engineers, contractors and home owners.

David invites you to view photos to learn more about his work.  He is available to consult on projects ranging in size from very small residential projects to restoration or construction of large antique structures.  Please contact him with questions or for further information.